Hunting the Perfect Orb


A lot of photographers enjoy the pursuit of the perfect Orb.  I have had a few brief sightings over the years during my far flung travels but, until recently, haven’t attempted to record one in camera.  And I do mean record in camera.  There are no “special effects” or “Photoshop” here.  This is old school,  in camera work.  What you see is what you catch.

And, like snowflakes, no two are alike.


Death Valley is a good place to start the search.  Not a lot of people around.  Not a lot of stuff to catch on fire.


Sometimes you find a “launch pad” that seems to attract attention.


Some Orbs like a wetter climate.  That’s where Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes come into play.


Of course the fire hazard in the forest can be a problem.  Best to capture the explosive Orbs on the dock.


Well that’s about it for now.  My hunt continues and if I bag a good one I will share it with you.  If you have seen a strange light or two or know of a good place to go looking for some hit me up in the comments!



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Employees as Action Heros!

The creative group at Yamamoto came up with a great concept to help their client, Kroll Ontrack,  show the world the brains behind the company that claims to be “The World’s Data Recovery Expert”.

Our task was to take actual employees and shoot them at the company headquarters.  Now that could have been a bit boring, but working with the creative team at Yamamoto we decided to make the subjects look like tough-as-nails heros in the battle to save your data.  Shooting in server rooms, control rooms and even the cafeteria, we shot the following series:


Here’s one with the copy:


I don’t get the chance to work with “real” people very often and it was a blast!  These people are very proud of the work they do and it shows.

Special thanks to producer Lyn Wik,  stylist Nicole Richards, makeup artist Tia Cartwright and Marty and John.  Great crew as always!

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(re)Birth of a Website


Portfolios are never “done”.  Keeping my website up to date is a constant challenge.

Every now and then I need a whole new “canvas” for my work.  Its as much a need for me to be re-energized about my site as it is to keep the audience engaged.  While I have had a liveBooks website from the beginning of liveBooks, their new product, called Scaler, inspired me to do a complete overhaul to my site.  Scaler is so named because it allows the site and images to scale to the size of the monitor it is being view on.  With clients getting bigger and bigger screens it lets me take advantage of all that nice visual real estate.

The redesign of my site also allowed me to show lots of new images sorted into new portfolios.  There are many new projects, personal works and even a new area for me to showcase my recent video projects.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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17 Locations, 7 Days, 60 Models, 10 Dogs, 8756 Shots


Just putting the finishing touches on the post production of a wild, fun location shoot.

We shot in 3 restaurants, 2 retail stores, salons, parks, school, train depot, houses, offices, and more. Some days had 3 company moves.

Subjects included business people, kids, animals, everyday folks, the works. A wide variety of subjects and styles… here’s a sample:









Special thanks to ace producer Lyn Wik and her amazing crew.

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The Art of Dirt


Usually a wardrobe stylist works hard to make sure the clothes in a photo are clean, pressed and fitting perfectly.  That’s easy.  Enter Angel Rodriguez, ace stylist.  His job was to find just the right wardrobe for an Uponor (makers of plumbing supplies) ad.  The folks at agency  Gabriel deGrood Bendt wanted our plumber (the talented Tom Payne) to look just real enough to believe.

This sent Angel off to 2nd hand stores which he soon found out didn’t have much in Tom’s large frame size.  So he bought new.  And with grinders, sand paper and other secrets worn out the clothes just so.

Here’s a short video of a little on-set styling by Angel!

Angel at work

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How About a Little Snack at 4am?

Unlimited Wings Cling

This just out from our friends at Buffalo Wild Wings.

We shot this at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Hudson, Wisconsin last month.  Call time for the crew? 4 am!  Yep, that included producer, make up artist, stylists, assistants, food stylists, talent and the clients.

The shoot wrapped around 10am and some of the crew headed for Perkins. Me? I enjoyed a plate of wings… Blazin’ of course!

Thanks everyone for the early energy!

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Did You Miss Me?

Did you even know I was gone?

Well I missed you.  I’ve been on the road most of January.  Below is a shot of my collection of hotel keys from the month.  Travelling like this in January can be interesting.  On the one hand not many folks are on the road (or in the air) having just settled back in from the holiday travel.  That makes hotel/air reservations at the last minute easy.  On the other hand the weather this winter has been crazy EVERYWHERE.  Luckily we made most of our connections and never missed a shot.

Thanks again to my traveling team; Tim, Tia and Marty.  We made it yet again!



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